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  • Making maths fun again

    22 May 2024 Bett
    Mathematics is notorious for evoking feelings of dread and anxiety. From Mattel’s Teen Talk Barbie manufactured to say, ‘Math class is tough!’ in 1992 to UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak speaking about t ...
  • In the education industry, change is not always easy to come by, especially when it comes to catering to diverse learning needs. However, there are individuals like Fil McIntyre who are dedicated to r ...
  • Spending weekends glued to TikTok, signing into remote work in pajamas, reluctant to use the telephone – these familiar, and sometimes scathing, parodies of Gen Z are popular. However, they are also a ...
  • Tech funding for STEM based learning from Meet and Code

    15 May 2024 Written by Matt Hewlett, Community and Education Lead, Digit
    Funding all the fun stuff you want to do in schools with students can be difficult; if only you had the money for the inspirational technology that can be used to engage and enrich students’ education ...
  • Unlocking potential: Building inclusive classrooms for deaf students

    07 May 2024 by Tasha Ghouri, Campaigner and Entrepreneur
    My deafness is my superpower. I was born without the small hairs in my cochlea. When I was younger, I saw it as a negative, but my Dad helped me realise it was a strength. I can be deaf whenever I wan ...
  • Using augmented reality to transport learners into careers

    29 Apr 2024 by Professor Fridolin Wild, The Open University
    As educators, we’re all navigating the digital revolution, finding our way into a new era of smart education. As part of this, today’s educators are already very engaged in creating personalised, imme ...
  • The world we live in today faces multiple crises: economic, political, cultural and environmental. It’s hard to predict what the future of work holds for students in five, 10 or 15 years. Yet there’s ...
  • How can educators leverage the immense power of AI while simultaneously protecting students from its potential risks? Policymakers face the same question. To find an answer, the UK government called f ...
  • Robots have immense promise as educational aides. We offer a glimpse into the mechanical marvels which may be fixtures in innovative classrooms in the future.
  • 2024 Bett speaker, Sam Smith, shares how universities can do more to support students who may be at risk of suicide.
  •   Are you worried about the ever-changing EdTech landscape? Not sure where to turn for guidance or advice? Meet Dr. Neelam Parmar, Director of Digital Education and Professional Learning. Neelam is a ...
  • Bett UK 2024 brought 30,000 educational professionals from 129 countries to explore the latest in education together.
  • Here’s our expert advice on how to make sure the connections between educators and solution providers made at Bett don’t end after the show.
  • In thinking about this year's International Women's Day theme, 'Fostering Inclusive Inspiration,' I took time to reflect on women's leadership progress.
  • Bett 2024 keynote speaker Kay Firth-Butterfield was recently named by Time Magazine as one of only four people recognised for their impact on AI. Here the CEO of Good Tech Advisory LLC reflects on the ...
  • If a child says, “this week’s maths homework is difficult”, they may need some additional support but there is likely little cause of concern.

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