Bett UK

24-26 January 2024

Bett Brasil

23-26 April 2024

Bett Asia

4-5 October 2023



Are you ready to take part in unparalleled peer-led discussions that will inspire change and spark new ideas? New for 2024, TableTalks empowers educators to collaborate openly and connect deeply with like-minded individuals in the education space. 

Peer to peer roundtable discussions

We all know how powerful it is when fellow educators come together to discuss their shared experiences, challenges, and opportunities. This innovative new program connects individuals from schools, universities and governments based on their primary topics of interest and key growth areas in education

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Why join TableTalks?

Learn from other educators and education leaders who bring a variety of perspectives and experiences to the table. 

Grow your Professional Learning Network (PLN) with unrivalled networking opportunities.  

Discuss debate and share experiences with other educators. 

Four steps to register 

Led by conversational prompts to maximise participation, individuals will showcase the work they’re doing at their institutions, seek advice and support from peers and get answers to their most burning questions. Everyone will leave the discussion with actionable takeaways to implement within their own institutions and the contacts to keep the conversations going after the show. Follow the four steps below to get involved...

Step 1

Keep your eyes peeled for an email announcing the Bett Agenda. Pick your favourite topics from the list and pre-register in the lead up to Bett 2024.

Step 2

You will then be matched with education peers for roundtable discussions taking place at the show. The discussions are 50 minutes long, for five to ten people, and happen in the dedicated TableTalks hall, accessed via the exhibition.

Step 3

There is no set agenda – so come prepared.  Each participant’s experience is based on their own needs and priorities. Simply, choose the topics you’re most interested in from a selection of pertinent themes informed by the Bett community.  

Step 4

Make the most of your closed-door discussions by participating and contributing freely. You and the opener of the meeting will be provided with prompts and questions to spark ideas and get the conversation started from the get-go! 

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