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22-24 January 2025

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Better Together


As a community of educators, learners, policymakers and solution providers, we have the power to transform education through the use of technology. We cannot inspire change alone.

We are Better Together.

Stories from the community

  • Dr. Crystal Miller champions the enchanting curiosity of children, advocating for educational environments that nurture a sense of wonder.
  • Education is the cornerstone of our society, and for Cassandra, it’s more than a career; it’s a calling. A languages teacher with a heart fiercely attuned to her students’ needs, Cassandra encapsulate ...
  • Chad Brinkley spotlights a student's transformative journey from reserved sketcher to digital artist-extraordinaire, emphasising how intuitive tech tools can unveil hidden talents in modern education.
  • Witness the pivotal moment when primary students see their limitless potential, through the eyes of an impassioned educator.
  • How virtual collaboration during lockdown revealed the unyielding spirit of learning.
  • Discover how creativity in teaching transformed a student's life, turning challenges into triumph and sparking a passion for poetry.

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"What inspires you the most about being an educator? Share a moment that reminded you of the impact you make every day."



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Meet the changemakers, beacons of inspiration leading the way for educators. Like Bethan and Mark, your story can spark a revolution in education. We're championing stronger ties between educators, EdTech professionals, governments, and innovators. More meaningful discussions, deeper connections, and above all, a collaborative force driving us forward. 

"My main advice for educators at the start of their EdTech journey I would say, is to just see what's out there, take small steps and just go for one thing. Have confidence and faith in yourself to know that one small step, is one small step in the right direction."

Bethan Ware

Head of KS2, Teacher
Pontyclun Primary School, Wales UK

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