Bett UK

22-24 January 2025

Bett Brasil

28 April - 1 May 2025

Bett Asia

4-5 October 2023



The world's biggest week in education welcomed a world-class lineup! Attendees were inspired by renowned experts, though leaders and visionaries across EdTech and beyond. 

Kickstart your Bett UK experience with awe and innovation! In the Arena, be captivated by Louis Theroux, Jason Arday, Mr P Ict and more. Forge powerful peer connections at the launch of TableTalks and explore hundreds of EdTech pioneers redefining the learning landscape.

Join us on day one to inspire, innovate, and ignite change together!

Dive into day two with trailblazers Namya Joshi and Andreas Schleicher. Venture into Ahead by Bett, where Higher Education and AI take centre stage, answering profound questions on assessment. Connect with experts and harness the full potential of technology in our brand new Tech User Labs.

It's a day for action and impact, and one you can't afford to miss.

As we close out Bett UK, the excitement continues to soar! From Baroness Floella Benjamin to the beloved Kids Judge Bett, this final day offers it all. Delve into education's equity gap at the Teaching & Learning theatre and digitally upskill your students with Ahead by Bett.

It may be the final day, but it's just the beginning of your EdTech transformation! 

Who could you hear from at Bett 2024?

Wednesday 24 January

Louis meets… Loyle Carner

From groundbreaking albums to sold-out tours, Loyle Carner has left an indelible mark on UK hip-hop. He will be taking to the Arena at Bett 2024 for a world-first exclusive interview with Louis Theroux talking about social inclusion in schools, neurodiversity, and the ADHD cookery school Loyle founded. Using his personal journey to inspire and empower this promises to be an uplifting session that will set the stage for three days of amazing talks.

Jaime Teevan

Jaime Teevan is Chief Scientist and Technical Fellow at Microsoft, where she is responsible for driving research-backed innovation in the company's core products. Jaime is world-renowned for her research into productivity and personalized search. She was recognised by TIME as one of the top 100 people to play an instrumental role in AI development and societal advancement. . Jaime will look back to understand and provide perspective around AI and look forward to consider how we shape preferred futures. Jaime will draw on her extensive leadership experiences to explore the fundamental shifts in what will matter most in the future of work and learning.

Kay Firth-Butterfield

CEO of the Good Tech Advisory, Kay Firth-Butterfield is a renowned global authority on the governance of AI. She will talk about the benefits of AI in education, such as personalised learning, and why it's essential to get the governance right before we start using AI with vulnerable populations. Her talk will also cover the need for teacher-child interaction, privacy, data sharing, manipulation and understanding what is being taught.

Dame Darcey Bussell

By popular demand, Dame Darcey Bussell is back at Bett to share her passion and dedication to promoting the arts in schools through her DDMIX Trust charity. As a special treat the audience will also experience a little of the magic of dance with one of Britain's greatest ballerinas.

Jason Arday

In the afternoon, Jason Arday, a renowned sociologist best known for his research on race and racism, talks to our amazing Arena host Charlene White. His appointment as Professor of Sociology of Education at the University of Cambridge this year made him the youngest Black person ever appointed to a Professorial Chair and one of the youngest people ever to be appointed to a full Professorship in Oxbridge's history.


Primary school teacher Lee Parkinson, whose popular training has earned him the moniker Mr P ICT, will look at how AI tools can save time and how best to use that time to deliver a more creative curriculum. The blogger and podcaster is known for his tips on bringing innovative approaches to education through technology.

Design4SDGs Challenge

The Design4SDGs Challenge closes our first day on the Arena. The competition, open to all UK students aged 9-14, was created to promote big thinking and innovative ideas on a large scale, providing solutions for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Thursday 25 January

Alex Scott MBE

In conversation with award-winning journalist and presenter Charlene White, the former Arsenal Captain and England Centurion is a well-regarded pundit for BBC and Sky Sports, a regular on BBC's Match of the Day as well as fronting ambassadorial campaigns with Nike, Barclays and Cadbury's. In a fireside chat Alex will talk about proving her worth in a male-dominated sport and not letting racial discrimination limit her success.

Namya Joshi

We love hearing the youth voice at Bett, particularly when they are as inspiring as Namya Joshi, who will deliver a keynote on the Arena and later on the Esports stage. Living life by her own motto #EachOneTeachTen, the 16 year-old has helped more than 15,000 teachers and young people teach and learn through tech.

Children’s safety with Jim Steyer and Sir Peter Wanless 

While AI tools can amplify learning outcomes at extraordinary speed and scale, AI also raises the stakes, with children disproportionately impacted by misuse and inaccuracy. Join Jim Steyer, Founder and CEO of US charity Common Sense Media, and Sir Peter Wanless, CEO of UK children’s charity NSPCC, in a fireside chat to explore these burgeoning concerns and leave with actionable insights and resources for your classroom. 

Jeffrey Boakye

Author, educator and broadcaster Jeffrey Boakye will be sharing his thoughts on how engaging with lived experiences and exploring identity can lead to transformative teaching and learning relationships. His session will also consider the principles that underpin curriculum design alongside wider approaches to technology in schools. In all of this, Jeffrey will explore the ways in which broad perspectives of context are vital to leverage core values, one teacher at a time.

Friday 26 January

Baroness Floella Benjamin

Acclaimed children’s authors warm the morning of the final day of Bett, beginning with actress, presenter, writer, and children's advocate Baroness Floella Benjamin, one of Britain’s favourite presenters from the iconic children’s TV programmes Playschool and PlayAway.  

Michael Rosen

Bett favourite, Michael Rosen, takes to the Arena. The renowned writer, poet and broadcaster has published around 200 books and is currently Professor of Children’s Literature at Goldsmiths, University of London.  

Dan Fitzpatrick

We’re thrilled to be welcoming back Dan Fitzpatrick, The AI Educator, whose 2023 talk was bursting at the seams. Author of the acclaimed book, The AI Classroom, Dan imparts invaluable insights and strategies for harnessing AI in education.

National Star College

Students from National Star College, the charity Further Education institution for learners with disabilities, explore the profound impact of technology on their lives, illuminating a path from limitations to boundless possibilities.

Kids Judge Bett

After an exclusive Bett book signing, Michael Rosen will rejoin the Arena stage for the popular feature Kids Judge Bett, which puts students in charge. Winning companies are presented with their prize, a coveted chocolate trophy!


Session highlights

Discover the sessions from each stage at Bett that you won't want to miss!

Teaching & Learning Theatre

Wednesday 24 January

We’ll be looking at emotionally based school avoidance with Alice Moore from Sevenoaks Primary School and Louisa Rose, CEO of youth mental health charity Beyond. Blended learning pedagogy and practice in European primary and secondary schools promises to be another popular session, drawing on classroom practice from Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK.

Thursday 25 January

We’ll be looking at how technology can help students with additional needs, how robust digital strategies can help multi school groups grow, with a deep dive into a whole-school approach to AI. Talks continue into the evening with our popular Teachmeet feature, where international and UK teachers get on stage to share their knowledge, inspiring stories and ideas.

Friday 26 January

We’ll have sessions on accessibility & AI in the classroom, the future of student assessment, and how technology can support access to the curriculum.

View Teaching & Learning Theatre sessions

Global Futures

Wednesday 24 January

A fast-paced energetic showcase of the most promising EdTech startups from all over the world starts the day on the Global Futures theatre, followed by a display of more exciting tech talent in the exhibitor showcase and sessions dedicated to Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Thursday 25 January

Global Futures looks at language learning and questions, controversially, is it needed in the age of AI? We’ll also see European Schoolnet present EmpowerED, an EU project conceived to set up a pan-European network and platform to facilitate exchange amongst policymakers, and we’ll finish with a networking event celebrating women in EdTech. 

Friday 26 January

We will see more pitching, and consider as global recipes for success.

View Global Futures sessions

Higher Education

Wednesday 24 January

The Ahead Auditorium will be dominated by all things AI. Donald Clark, a learning tech entrepreneur, CEO, blogger and author of AI for Learning, and Carla Aerts, an education futures consultant and thought leader, will discuss how AI will fundamentally change the human relationship with technology, with real life examples of learning engagement, novel pedagogic techniques, teaching support and new forms of assessment. In the afternoon, Dr Chahna Gonsalves, a lecturer in marketing (education) at King’s Business School, King's College London, will talk about assessment, pedagogy, and workplace readiness in the age of generative AI. What are the innovative ways we can leverage AI in Assessment? How does pedagogy need to change?

In the Sandbox we’ll be looking at data breach, soft skills training and more.

Thursday 25 January

Ukraine will host a session on being resilient in the midst of war on the Ahead Auditorium. In the afternoon, a panel, led by Mel Gomes, will discuss how commercial and strategic leaders can enable a thriving innovation culture in their IT teams.

In the Sandbox, session will include easy-to-use 3D content and YouTube as a study tool.

Friday 26 January

Author and change agent Hayley Mulenda will take to the Ahead Auditorium to share her experience of how mental health issues are increasingly affecting millennials, a topic addressed in her award-winning book  ‘The ABCs To Student Success’.  In this session, Hayley will be interviewed by a student from the Jisc Change Agents Network and we’ll hear about the skills students will need to succeed in future careers and what a Higher Education experience means to students today. To improve our understanding the learning process, Rose Luckin, Professor at University College London and Founder of EDUCATE Ventures, explores how Higher Education institutions can better understand their data, model solutions with machine learning, and most importantly understand challenges at the most fundamental level. Bronwyn Kunhardt, CEO of 42 London, a free, non-profit programming school targeting diverse communities, will discuss with three of her ex-students the magic of peer learning and how it develops teamwork, critical thinking and rethinking failure in a coding context.

In the Sandbox there will be a sobering session on suicide prevention and a look at the future of humanities in an era of AI.

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Esports @ Bett

Wednesday 24 January

On the Esports theatre, we’ll hear from visionaries, experts and players about everything from getting started in esports, pitching it to your school, and all the benefits it brings – not to mention an afternoon tournament. And on the Tech in Action theatre, we’ll see product demos on cybersecurity, online safety, assessment and more.

Thursday 25 January

Esports considers how gaming can improve STEM skills, keeping players safe online, what esports looks like around the world and outside the classroom, and ends with a tournament. Meanwhile Tech in Action looks at teacher wellbeing, augmented learning, adaptive learning, the DNA of learning, online bullying and the jobs of tomorrow.

Friday 26 January

The amazing Namya Joshi will make her second Bett appearance, sharing how lesson plans can be made more engaging through gaming platforms in an interactive workshop. Namya will walk you through the best ways to develop educational resources, using popular platforms such as Minecraft, and help develop essential skills for the future workplace. 

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Wednesday 24 January

For educators signed up to Table Talks, there are ten sessions covering the burning issues of the day, from AI to teacher morale.

Thursday 25 January

Educators will debate the hottest topics in EdTech.

Friday 26 January

Discussions will continue among educators putting the education world to rights.

Discover TableTalks

Tech User Labs

Wednesday 24 January

Get your hands on the technology in Tech User Labs, another new feature, covering AI-powered accessibility to cloud data and student wellbeing.

Thursday 25 January

Workshops will cover unlocking code, school date and virtual learning platforms.

Friday 26 January

Workshops will continue for those wanting to test out the latest EdTech.

Discover Tech User Labs

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