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24-26 January 2024

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23-26 April 2024

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Esports @ Bett

Interested in bringing esports to your own classroom? Already a pro with the controller? Either way, Esports @ Bett is a must-see feature of the show in partnership with British Esports Federation. 

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The power of play!

Launched in 2022, this feature at Bett has inspired and enabled educators to take steps to launch esports facilities in their own learning environments. Following the success of the feature, we’re excited to announce the return of Esports @ Bett in 2024 with a brand-new look!


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of 5 to 15-year-olds played games online in 2020 (Ofcom’s ‘Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes Report 2020/2021’)


of UK parents believe gaming or esports is a legitimate learning method, according to 'Elevating esports in education: Preparing students for their digital futures'

Why esports in education?

Benefits of esports

Esports is about much more than kids playing video games. Learning through play has always been a tried-and-tested method in education, so why can't it extend to the online world?

  • Specialist programmes engage with students through their hobbies and interests
  • Expands the possibilities for growth within SEN classrooms
  • Meets students’ needs when the traditional learning system may not be suitable
  • Increases student moral and develops skills for future careers
  • This new way of learning opens students up to new opportunities, some of whom may never have considered higher education until they explored the qualifications relevant to esports

What to expect at Bett 2024

Attendees can expect discussions on the role esports plays in education, opportunities to connect with fellow educators, a front-row seat to the latest tech solutions, and back by popular demand, Rocket League tournaments.

And that's not all - with insightful workshops, networking sessions, discussions from leading professionals and the chance to check out the best esports solutions, attendees are sure to be left inspired and equipped to enhance learning through the power of play! 


Esports resources

How do you begin, maintain or level-up your esports journey in the classroom? Check out our resources below to explore the world of esports and how it can enhance the learning experience for you! 
Esports qualifications

Esports qualifications

Esports has links to STEM based subjects and creative skills, which can be applied in further education through a range of career paths. British Esports and Pearson released a BTEC qualification in esports in 2020, which has taken off as an option for students to study what they enjoy.

Inclusion in esports

Inclusion in esports

Esports can be used as a method of teaching in a wide range of classrooms, specifically in SEND classrooms. With esports, students with disabilities can participate in group activities like never before with the introduction of new technology, making gaming more accessible for everyone. 

Esports - the basics 

Esports - the basics 

Are you a teacher, a parent or just plain confused? Finding it tricky to navigate the wide world of esports? Our helpful resources below will give guidance on how to get started with esports and top tips on how to successfully embed them into both your home and the classroom. 

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