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  • Social action is one the best ways to give the next generation agency – delivering a vast array of benefits for children taking part, and ultimately for society as a whole.
  • Is a student born creative, or can creativity be taught? 
  • A journey of excellence with White Rose Education

    26 Jun 2024 Bett in partnership with White Rose Education
    Founded by a passionate group of teachers in the Yorkshire town of Halifax in 2017, White Rose Education is a beacon of innovation in STEM education. With an unwavering commitment to empowering teache ...
  • What Technology do Schools in Africa REALLY want?

    25 Jun 2024 Written by David Marriott, CEO & Founder of Ubuntu Education
    Our efforts to close the global education gap using technology is seeing a widening of the gap instead. Where are we going wrong?
  • Understanding and utilising the Dyslexia Map: A resource for educators and parents

    25 Jun 2024 Bett in partnership with Martin Bloomfield from the Dyslexia Bytes project.
    What is the Dyslexia Map? The Dyslexia Map is a digital resource aimed at helping individuals locate dyslexia associations and related support services around the world. Its goal is to make it easy fo ...
  • My brother, Professor Jason Arday, and the AI generation

    25 Jun 2024 Bett in partnership with Joe Arday.
    On 24th January 2024, I attended Bett to see the latest developments within EdTech. However, this year's Bett was also a family affair when I heard that my brother was delivering a keynote speech. To ...
  • One deeply moving story is that of Matiullah Hanifi, a dedicated former teacher turned passionate advocate from Afghanistan. In a country where approximately ‘3.7 million children are out-of-school’ ( ...
  • Pride Month: Creating a future as bright as our flag!

    19 Jun 2024 Bett in partnership with educator, Damon Young.
    It’s Pride Month, a time dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ+ communities worldwide! As one of the most significant months of the year, it’s a chance to reflect on the progress we've made as a society and ...
  • It’s no secret that students use AI, and it’s sometimes encouraged - but does it mean they’re losing the power of critical thinking?
  • Using accessible technology to unlock education for students

    29 May 2024 Bett in partnership with Fil McIntyre, Manager and Assistive Technology Lead, TechAbility.
    For many of us, technology makes things easier, faster, or more enjoyable. But for countless students in classrooms worldwide, technology makes things possible , and it can be the key to helping them ...
  • Making maths fun again

    22 May 2024 Bett
    Mathematics is notorious for evoking feelings of dread and anxiety. From Mattel’s Teen Talk Barbie manufactured to say, ‘Math class is tough!’ in 1992 to UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak speaking about t ...
  • In the education industry, change is not always easy to come by, especially when it comes to catering to diverse learning needs. However, there are individuals like Fil McIntyre who are dedicated to r ...
  • Spending weekends glued to TikTok, signing into remote work in pajamas, reluctant to use the telephone – these familiar, and sometimes scathing, parodies of Gen Z are popular. However, they are also a ...
  • Tech funding for STEM based learning from Meet and Code

    15 May 2024 Written by Matt Hewlett, Community and Education Lead, Digit
    Funding all the fun stuff you want to do in schools with students can be difficult; if only you had the money for the inspirational technology that can be used to engage and enrich students’ education ...
  • Unlocking potential: Building inclusive classrooms for deaf students

    07 May 2024 by Tasha Ghouri, Campaigner and Entrepreneur
    My deafness is my superpower. I was born without the small hairs in my cochlea. When I was younger, I saw it as a negative, but my Dad helped me realise it was a strength. I can be deaf whenever I wan ...
  • Using augmented reality to transport learners into careers

    29 Apr 2024 by Professor Fridolin Wild, The Open University
    As educators, we’re all navigating the digital revolution, finding our way into a new era of smart education. As part of this, today’s educators are already very engaged in creating personalised, imme ...

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