Day 3 Highlights

Day 3 Highlights


It's a wrap! Catch up on what you missed by checking our highlights video and the best moments from the final day of Bett UK 2023.


Don't miss these Connect @ Bett moments

Connect @ Bett


Connect @ Bett

We had our final session of Connect @ Bett - education’s groundbreaking new meetings programme! Bett had more meaningful conversations than ever before as thousands of education decision-makers and innovative solution providers participated in over 8,000 meetings.  

Kids Judge Bett


Kids Judge Bett

We just witnessed the 8th edition of the ever-popular Kids Judge Bett event, organized by Katy Potts of Islington Council! Pupils and parents from primary, and secondary schools, including SEND and FE, explored stands, exhibitors, and their products, choosing their favorites across 10 categories. 


Bett Futures



A closer look at AR and VR in post 16 and further education

A panel of leading practitioners in the further education and schools sectors examined the use of XR in current curriculum areas, its support for diverse student needs, and its potential for enriching learning and enhancing the student experience in the future. 

Teaching & Learning

Teaching and Learning

The future of learning is in plain sight

Johann and Eliane explored the factors that lead to an engaging learning environment and offered insights on selecting the appropriate A/V and software solutions for specific educational needs. 

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