Launching the 2023 Buyers' Guide

Launching the 2023 Buyers' Guide

How to choose the right EdTech for your school?

Explore The 2023 Buyers’ Guide to help you make the most of your Bett experience and provide a systematic process for choosing the right EdTech for your school.

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Delivered in partnership with EdTech Impact, the 2023 Buyers' Guide is a must-read for School Leaders, Business Managers, and anyone purchasing EdTech. Putting evidence at the heart of your EdTech procurement will not only deliver better outcomes for your students but also ensure budgets stretch further.


"Whether you're new to Bett, or you're an EdTech geek like me, it can be challenging not to get caught up in some of the hype and hysteria that surrounds new technology. This first-of-a-kind buyers' guide combines data-driven insights, cautionary tales and an EdTech Impact taxonomy to help you cut through the noise and stay focused on what matters most to you and your school's context."

Michael Forshaw
Co-Founder and CEO
EdTech Impact


“Before entering Excel, sit down with hot drink and use the Buyer’s Guide to help shape your thinking, plan your questions and ensure you approach suppliers with a clear understanding of what you need technology to deliver in your school and are not swayed by what they are trying to sell you.” 

James Garnett
Director of IT, United Learning
Member of the Bett Advisory Board

"If it’s your first visit to Bett (or even if it isn't!) the Buyer’s Guide will provide invaluable information and guidance. Designed to support staff and leaders at all levels by providing practical advice, hints and tips, the guide helps you to prepare both in advance of your visit as well as to know the key questions to ask on the day. A must read!" 

Emma Darcy
Director of Technology for Learning, Chiltern Learning Trust
Member of the Bett Advisory Board


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