Day 2 Highlights

Day 2 Highlights


Catch up on what you missed during Day 2 of Bett UK 2023, featuring inspiring keynotes, networking opportunities, and cutting-edge EdTech products from our solution providers. 


Don't miss these Connect @ Bett moments

Connect @ Bett


Connect @ Bett

On day 2 of Connect @ Bett, the event was successful in organizing over 1,000 meetings, with participation from more than 2,500 attendees.

Esports @ Bett


Experience the benefit from Esports education

Peter Lacey explained the benefits of Esports Education, including stronger academic performance, higher attendance rates, and improved social skills learning for students.

Bett Futures



The future of learning is in plain sight

Professor Stephen Heppell discussed the certainties of education, both past and future, emphasizing the role of technology as a core component of the extraordinary learning decade ahead. 

Bett Academy Live

Bett Academy

The AI Classroom: Teaching and learning in the ChatGPT era

Dan Fitzpatrick explored how artificial intelligence is transforming education through the PREP model and demonstrated how AI tools like ChatGPT can personalize learning experiences, automate mundane tasks, and unleash creativity through novel assessment methods. 

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