Your Bett UK CPD certificate

Your Bett UK CPD certificate

Thank you for attending Bett UK 2022. We hope you found this year’s show content useful for your continuing personal development.

Bett’s content programme is CPD-accredited and you can claim your certificate of attendance via the CPD website:


Complete the form on the CPD UK’s website with the below information to claim your CPD certificate.


Name of Course / Event:

Bett 2022

Date attended:

If you attended more than one day, please input the first day of attendance

Type of CPD learning:

Please select Event/Conference

Hours attended: 

Please estimate the length of time you spent within our content sessions. The maximum cumulative amount of CPD available across three days is 24 hours.

Name of Organisation:

Bett 2022


Main contact:

Catriona McDavid

Contact Number:

+44 (0)20 3545 9858

Email Address:

Once the CPD team has validated the information, all CPD delegate certificates will typically be sent within 28 days from point of submission.

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