Bett 2022 Suppliers Videos

Bett 2022 Suppliers Videos

  • nasen Live 2022

    15 Jul 2022
    Tickets for nasen Live are now available on the nasen website. A SEND-specific day of CPD based in Birmingham.
  • Pick n Mix

    23 Mar 2022 Learning Ladders
  • ClassInTheBox The Teaching Revolution

  • Halchax ESET Bett Show Video

    23 Mar 2022 Halchax IT Solutions
  • ClassSpaces Intro

    22 Mar 2022 ClassSpaces
  • Learn how Acer for Education and our TravelMate devices are inspiring the potential of today's students and educators to allow them to face unique modern challenges.
  • Wakelet in 5 minutes

    21 Mar 2022 Teijas
    Tisha gives an introduction to Wakelet in just 5 minutes! For ideas and templates on how to get started, visit
  • sAInaptic in action

    21 Mar 2022 Sainaptic Limited
  • Introduction to our super curricular website. Our one stop shop for super curricular opportunities. 
  • Flex OEM Program

    21 Mar 2022 Inforlandia
    Inforlandia S.A - FlexOEM Program
  • Richard explains just what makes our resources so powerful.
  • Inspired by the Intel SFI Professional Development Suite, educators at Options Secondary School in Colorado increased engagement with innovative approaches to using technology in the classroom..    
  • Richard talks about the value of letting pupils create and share their own reading quizzes.
  • Introducing Reading On Your Head

    20 Mar 2022 Reading On Your Head
    Richard introduces who we are and what we do.
  • Students and teachers in Singapore used the Starter Pack to help integrate technology activities in everyday teaching and learning, linking curriculum to real world scenarios and problem solving.
  • RoboThink UK Parent Feedback

    17 Mar 2022 RoboThink UK
    RoboThink UK decided to ask parents for their feedback and this is what they had to say.
  • SmarTest Invigilate

    17 Mar 2022 Chris Wall
    SmarTest Invigilate candidate onboarding
  • MEEMZ is a pioneering educational metaverse platform designed for young students and children.
  • Why consider LGfL Broadband?

    17 Mar 2022 LGfL
    LGfL CEO- John Jackson answers - Why consider LGfL broadband? Highlighting the key features and benefits of the LGfL service, available to all schools nationally as part of the National Grid for Learn ...

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