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26 Jun 2024

A journey of excellence with White Rose Education

Bett in partnership with White Rose Education
A journey of excellence with White Rose Education
As part of the global education community, we're committed to helping students and educators thrive through the use of EdTech. This journey begins with connection building; not through serendipitous encounters, but planned connections at Bett. As we celebrate forty years of educational excellence, we are excited to share a series of success stories, starting with White Rose Education.

Founded by a passionate group of teachers in the Yorkshire town of Halifax in 2017, White Rose Education is a beacon of innovation in STEM education. With an unwavering commitment to empowering teachers globally, they have expanded from humble beginnings to a worldwide influence, reaching over 100 countries and more than 30,000 schools.

“In our first year the company had a turnover of £640k. In the last financial year, our turnover was £10.4m, up from £6.7m the previous year. This represents growth of 55%, making us one of the fastest growing education companies in the UK, with a forecast for next year being £18.5m.”  Nick Egan - Director of Customer at White Rose Education 

Initially focused on improving maths results in the Yorkshire and Humber region, White Rose Education quickly grew, driven by its mission to provide high-quality, accessible educational materials. Today, the organisation stands as one of the fastest-growing education companies in the UK, offering an array of free, low-cost resources, professional development and unique online/offline versions to ensure accessibility for all. As they continue their vast innovation in the sector, the team are currently testing their latest product - Infinity.  Allowing teachers to effortlessly create high-quality maths content, the product saves time with its engaging and effective lessons for pupils. 

Growing with Bett

White Rose Education's journey with Bett has been one of tremendous growth, and as their business expanded so too did their presence at the show. Having attended numerous times as visitors, in 2024 they took their first step towards exhibiting through the Department for Business and Trade in one of their pods. Winning the ‘Company of the Year’ award at Bett 2024 was a highlight, bringing widespread recognition and boosting staff morale. The award, alongside previous accolades for COVID-19 Response and Free Digital Content, has solidified White Rose's status as a leader in educational innovation.

“We were so impressed by the footfall and the types of people that visited our stands including Education secretary Gillian Keegan and David Davis MP, as well as education leaders from around the world.” Nick Egan - Director of Customer at White Rose Education 

Following their fruitful experience, White Rose Education has decided to exhibit independently at Bett UK 2025. This move allows for greater space and flexibility to showcase their full range of products and engage more deeply with attendees through speaking slots and TableTalks.

Looking ahead to Bett 2025

White Rose Education has ambitious plans for Bett UK 2025. Visitors can look forward to a comprehensive CPD offering, an in-depth look at their new digital products, and even an appearance by Tiny, their beloved maths character. The company aims to leverage Bett to connect face-to-face with education leaders, build relationships within the international community and share their expertise in STEM education.

“We want to speak face to face with education leaders – it allows us to get closer to our customers and show them our full range of products. We are also thought leaders in science and maths education and we want to get the message out to as many people as possible. It also allows us to build relationships with the international community and other educational companies, as well as associations such as BESA and DBT.”  Nick Egan - Director of Customer at White Rose Education 

Advice for first-time exhibitors

For smaller companies exhibiting at Bett for the first time, White Rose Education offers this sage advice… 


“View Bett as a long-term investment. Attending Bett is a powerful step in raising your brand awareness and forging invaluable connections. While immediate returns may not always be visible right after the show, patience and persistence are key. Remember, purchasing patterns vary throughout the year. Embrace this opportunity to showcase your innovation and dedication, and you'll see the benefits unfold over time.” Nick Egan - Director of Customer at White Rose Education 

Continuous innovation and future plans

Since being named Company of the Year, White Rose Education has continued to innovate, developing new products, early years content, revised schemes and even character toys. One such innovation making a meaningful difference is White Rose Infinity. This innovative product is tailored to help teachers effortlessly create high-quality maths content, enabling engaging and effective lessons for pupils. With their simple to use platform, teachers can create digital quizzes or bespoke worksheets in seconds.

“The goal of Infinity is to simplify the lesson planning process by empowering teachers to focus on what they love most – creating engaging and impactful lessons. Infinity allows teachers to integrate targeted fluency practice to build pupil confidence and improve understanding.”  Nick Egan - Director of Customer at White Rose Education 

Infinity is currently being used in schools and early adopters are loving it! It is reducing workload, improving fluency and making maths fun for young people. White Rose Education are incredibly proud of this new product and invite you to join them at Bett 2025 to discover all the benefits their products have to offer. 

This is just the beginning for White Rose Education and we can’t wait to see what the future holds! 


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