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22 May 2024

Driving organisational change with Fil McIntyre

Driving organisational change with Fil McIntyre
How a questioning mindset could be the catalyst for change within education.

In the education industry, change is not always easy to come by, especially when it comes to catering to diverse learning needs. However, there are individuals like Fil McIntyre who are dedicated to revolutionising EdTech for those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Fil's approach involves embedding a questioning mindset into everyday practice for educators and solution providers, which he believes could be the catalyst for change within education. His primary question is simple but powerful, "Could we be doing more for SEND kids in our classrooms?" By asking questions and actively seeking out better, more accessible solutions for students with diverse needs, Fil is making a huge impact on the education sector - and he’s just getting started. 


“It’s not just about a digital-first strategy, it’s about an accessible digital-first strategy.”


As Assistive Technology Lead for TechAbility, Fil is at the forefront of designing and implementing tailor-made solutions for students with SEND. Understanding that one size does not fit all in education, he champions the adoption of flexible teaching methods, diverse learning materials and inclusive technologies. He also provides training in assistive technology hardware and software to a wide range of professionals from schools, colleges, universities, charities and healthcare. 


“Digital technology has got massive advantages for disabled learners and one of my primary motivations in the past few years has been about organisational change. Some of the biggest challenges are for individuals who have a very complex set of needs but the other big challenge is a systems challenge of integrating this technology and being able to make sure that it becomes part of everyday practice.”


Beyond his technical expertise, he also engages with educators, researchers and other stakeholders to bridge the gap between education and technology. By working collaboratively with institutions, educators can easily see the benefits of incorporating tech into their classrooms and become more open to adopting these changes. Fil is an incredible example of how Bett's mission to better education can be achieved together. 


As we continue to celebrate the industry leaders making a huge impact on education, let us all be inspired to continue the journey towards a more equitable and inclusive education system, where every student has the opportunity to thrive and succeed! Keep asking questions and remember, we are Better Together! 


Check out our interview with Fil at Bett 2024 below. If you’d like to join the #BetterTogether movement today, tell us your story today. 





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