What's up with 'start-up?'


What's up with 'start-up?'

24 Mar 2022
Bett Futures (North)
Inclusion , Innovation
Join now>press>play to discover the highs and lows of journeying from start-up to company. We'll share some key decisions and moments that helped propel us forwards alongside the mistakes, and why we value mistakes! We'll share what we'd do differently and what we've learnt about being an entrepreneur and running an edtech company. now>press>play is an award-winning social enterprise, founded in 2012 by three friends who love learning but hate sitting down. They soon discovered they weren't alone. They decided to create an educational resource that uses sound, story and movement to engage all children, however they learn.
Oscar Wood, Head of Product Development - now>press>play
Tilly Brooke, Chief Operating Officer - now>press>play
Alice Lacey, CEO and Co-Founder - now>press>play

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