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Visible Body: easy-to-use 3D content for life and health science

25 Jan 2024
Ahead - Sandbox
Skills , Innovation , Higher Education
With the indelible presence of technology in education, universities need vetted, visual learning tools that improve student grades and retention of the material. They also need tools that are easily accessible and integrate with learning management systems. Visible Body's immersive learning platform embodies all of this and more, improving student outcomes often by an entire letter grade. We will dive into the key aspects that make VB an extraordinary and innovative learning experience, as well as discuss case studies and data from users. Whether it's being used as a classroom and lab resource, a library reference database, or an engaging lecture tool, Visible Body is the No.1 life science education product for future healthcare professionals at more than 1,000 institutions worldwide.
Emily Genaway, SVP of Sales - Visible Body
In collaboration with Visible Body
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