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Transforming tomorrow: The AI revolution and its impact on Higher Education

25 Jan 2024
Ahead - Auditorium
Diversity & Inclusion , Innovation , Higher Education
As we stand at the crossroads of the AI revolution, Higher Education is on the verge of a profound transformation. From redefining learning methodologies to revolutionising research capabilities, AI is set to reshape the very fabric of Higher Education. In this session, Lenovo will explore the transformative power of artificial intelligence, unravelling the unprecedented opportunities and challenges that await academia. Amidst these transformative changes, we'll emphasise the enduring importance of the human factor ' the essential role of human relationships in the educational process. Join us in envisioning a future-ready educational landscape that not only harnesses the potential of AI but also underscores the irreplaceable value of human connections. In collaboration with Lenovo.
Massimo Chiriatti, Chief Technical and Innovation Officer,Infrastructure Solutions Group - Lenovo
Valerio Maggio, Senior Technical Advocate - Anaconda, inc
In collaboration with Lenovo
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