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Supercharging the student experience: Increasing visibility and utilisation

25 Jan 2024
Ahead - Auditorium
Innovation , Higher Education
From understanding the multi-campus infrastructure to the outcomes and results, this session will cover everything you need to know about digital transformation in Higher Education, using a leading London university as a case study. This includes transforming the way we use technology as a tool for next generation learning, treating the infrastructure as an enabler for improving student outcomes and delivering true innovation through the empowerment of modern applications. Also on the agenda is delivering on the transformation promises made by a range of leading vendors, creating a modern infrastructure capable of supporting the ever-evolving needs of the modern digital education, and providing a modern network suited to both digital and environmental transformation, providing access to room utilisation, student navigation services and delivering support for a modern university's green agenda.
Alex Denley, Director of Innovation and Transformation - London South Bank University
Richard Betts, Chief Executive Officer - Vizst Technology
In collaboration with Vizst
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