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Screen and intervene: How to leverage tech to support students with dyscalculia

24 Jan 2024
Tech in Action
Diversity & Inclusion , Wellbeing
Dyscalculia, a specific learning disability in understanding numbers in mathematics, is estimated to affect 5-7% of the worldwide population. Often underdiagnosed and misunderstood, teachers struggle to meet the diverse and complex needs associated with teaching mathematics and delivering high-quality maths interventions where struggling students across the country are not making adequate progress. Without high-quality maths interventions, students are at risk for falling even further behind, developing math anxiety or other mental health conditions, and not developing critical skills that are needed for independence and employment. As a subsidized solution, DySc assesses critical areas associated with dyscalculia such as number sense, memorization of math facts, calculations, reasoning, and problem-solving.
Dr Sandra Elliot, Chief Academic Officer - TouchMath
In collaboration with TouchMath
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