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Bett 2024 Agenda


Encouraging wider student participation and enrichment

24 Jan 2024
Tech in Action
Diversity & Inclusion , Wellbeing
How to motivate students to participate in extra-curricular activities and maintain regular attendance. Find out about The Challoner Challenge which the Richard Challoner School launched using Avalon Achieve software. This session is intended for teachers, and it will demonstrate how to enrol students in the Challoner Challenge and assess their participation qualitatively. Additionally, the session will showcase how Avalon Achieve can assist students in managing their participation in extra-curricular activities. For school leaders, the session will focus on generating activity reports that highlight enrichment and inclusion. The process is simple and can be accomplished easily.
Andrew Sellors, Co-founder - Avalon IT Developments Ltd
Ben Brook, Co-founder and Managing Director - Avalon IT Developments Ltd
Ian O'Brien, Deputy Head - Richard Challoner School
Mark Cox, Assistant Head - Richard Challoner School
In collaboration with Avalon
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