Three trends driving the future of education


Three trends driving the future of education

31 Mar 2023
The Arena
As we march towards a radically different future, what should the role of education be and how might it look? John Solomon, VP ChromeOS and Education, and Andria Zafirakou MBE, winner of the 2018 Global Teacher Prize, Art Teacher and CEO of Artists in Residence, will share trends and insights from Google's Future of Education research: a global study across 24 countries, synthesizing insights from 94 educational experts, two years of peer-reviewed academic literature, and a media narrative analysis across the education sector. This presentation will deep-dive into three trends that are driving the future of education, including how AI is making learning personal, the role of technology in helping to elevate the teacher, and more. Drawing on Google's perspectives and research findings, we'll share what these trends mean for the future of education and educators. Over 90 experts contributed to the insights we'll be sharing. The goal is to inform discussion around the future of education and inspire audience members to think about how these trends manifest themselves in their own work and how they can push the boundaries of innovation. The full research can be found at
John Solomon, VP ChromeOS and Education - Google
Andria Zafirakou MBE, Art Teacher, CEO of Artists in Residence and winner of the Global Teacher Prize 2018 - Alperton Community School

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