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The role of startups in innovation in universities

24 Jan 2024
Ahead - Sandbox
Innovation , Higher Education
Discover the facets of innovation at universities in this panel: nurturing internal innovation and integrating innovative startups from the outside. We'll explore how universities can be fertile grounds for generating new ideas and how partnering with startups can significantly amplify this innovation. The discussion will highlight strategies for successful collaboration between academia and startup ecosystems, focusing on knowledge exchange, and creating a thriving environment for cutting-edge learning innovation. Attendees will gain insights into building symbiotic relationships that not only foster academic innovation but also bring practical, marketready solutions to the forefront. Ideal for academics, entrepreneurs, and students, this session is a gateway to understanding the comprehensive role of startups in accelerating university-led innovation.
Alessandro Di Lullo, Co-Founder - SuperCharger Ventures
David Lefevre, Professor of Practice - Imperial College Business School
Janos Barberis, Co-Founder - SuperCharger Ventures
Kathy Harvey, Associate Dean for the MBA and Executive Degrees - Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
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