Reimagine: Esports - Education - Employability


Reimagine: Esports - Education - Employability

29 Mar 2023
The Arena
Skills , Futures
Join Mark Sparvell from Microsoft Education and explore how esports can build in-demand skills and increase employability. He'll be joined by James Fraser-Murison, Director of Learning for Esports, Queen Mary's College, Basingstoke, as well as some current and future esports stars. The future of work requires a new mix of skills and mindsets. To help learners develop and deepen these skills as they progress through school, today's educators are re-imagining learning and guiding their students to explore engaging topics and technologies that open possibilities and build skills for their future. Hear from educators who have leveraged esports to accelerate learning, foster collaboration, and inspire students to become lifelong learners, and from students who are developing critical skills and unlocking exciting futures with the power of emerging technology.
Mark Sparvell, Director Education Marketing - Microsoft
James Fraser-Murison, Business Development Manager & Director of Learning for Esports - Queen Mary's College, Basingstoke
India Browne, Esports Player - Endpoint CEX

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