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The power of experience-based courseware in IT education

25 Jan 2024
Ahead - Sandbox
Innovation , Higher Education
Imagine a world where teaching complex IT concepts are simplified, lessons are interactive, and students are captivated. This is the world CompTIA, the leading tech association, is creating with our new hands-on courseware technology. Join a live demo of the easy-to-implement platform that combines training, labs, and assessments into one solution. Designed with educators in mind, this platform reduces lesson planning and grading time, allowing more time with students. It's a financially savvy choice for institutions wanting to consolidate resources and streamline the learning process. This is more than just a teaching tool - it's a launchpad for the next generation of tech professionals to gain the practical skills they need for careers in tech. Be part of this revolution in IT education.
Zeshan Sattar, Senior Director, Learning and Skills - CompTIA
In collaboration with CompTIA
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