ONVU Learning: Empowering educators with video lesson capture


ONVU Learning: Empowering educators with video lesson capture

30 Mar 2023
Tech in Action
Skills , Innovation
ONVU Learning is proud to present an example of collaborative teacher development and the power of 360 video to drive improvement. Working with teachers and mentors across Cabot Learning Federation and Dixons Academies Trust, we provided participants holistic video footage to aid their professional development, using Steplab's initial teacher training programme. The project gathered data and case study information on two key areas of new teachers' development. We will outline in the session the why, how and 'so what' of the findings so far, demonstrating how focused research, enabled by innovative tech can secure highly effective teacher development. We'll outline real-world challenges that we experienced, solutions, and provide our audience with some idea of what it took to make the intended difference.
Matt Tiplin, Vice President, Commerical - ONVU Learning
Dr Sam Sims, Lecturer - UCL
Joshua Goodrich, Founder & CEO - Steplab

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