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Meeting the needs of a changing workforce: How should Higher Education adapt?

26 Jan 2024
Ahead - Auditorium
Wellbeing , Higher Education
After nearly taking her own life at the age of 18, Hayley began speaking out for herself, then for her generation. A voice for diversity and inclusion, mental health and well-being, Hayley helps leaders bridge the gap with millennials and Gen-Zs, to creating a safe space and mentoring hundreds of young people from diverse and lower socioeconomic backgrounds. The session will explore the student perspective of how higher education should be redefined for a new generation preparing for jobs, many of which haven't been invented yet. Hayley will be interviewed by a student from the Change Agents Network, Jisc on the skills students will need to succeed in future careers and what a higher education experience means to students today ' from what resilience really means to personal development and tackling uncertainty and rapid change.
Hayley Mulenda, Multi-Award Winning International Speaker, Author and Change Agent
Vivian Hocking, Senior Student Digital Champion / PhD Student - University of Plymouth
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