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What does it mean to 'understand' a story?

26 Jan 2024
The Arena
Skills , Innovation
In England and Wales, the way we teach children to interpret stories looks at concepts such as retrieval, inference, chronology and presentation. But is this, the SAT (Standard Assessment Task) way, helping children uncover the real meaning behind stories? Or are there deeper levels of understanding that might be easier to access, and more fun? In this talk, renowned poet, author and storyteller Michael Rosen looks at other ways to interpret beyond than SATs way, such as using other art forms to interpret the story or poem in front of us, using painting, dance, film, music, and even powerpoint. But also, particular kinds of questions that can access a much wider range of responses than those laid down by SATs.
Michael Rosen, Writer, Broadcaster & Professor of Children's Literature - Speaking of Books Limited
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