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If learning is a process, how can we use AI to make it better?

24 Jan 2024
Ahead - Auditorium
Diversity & Inclusion , Innovation , Higher Education
AI is without doubt impacting teaching and learning, bringing with it potential threats as well as opportunities. But it's not always easy to tell which AI tools will have the biggest impact on learning outcomes for students, especially those who are struggling. The goal of this session is to help educators understand the challenges learners face in order to help them better evaluate learning technology. We will explore the idea of learning as a process and outline a novel approach to thinking about the use of AI tools to make learning quicker and easier for everyone. Borrowing ideas from manufacturing, we will give examples of how AI can reduce wasted time and effort for learners. Tools are not useful if they are not used and research shows that not all learners adopt the tools they need. We explore the importance of removing barriers and creating motivation for technology adoption to ensure maximum impact.
Dave Tucker, Founder and Co-CEO - Glean
In collaboration with Glean
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