It's time to rethink learning


It's time to rethink learning

24 Mar 2022
Teaching & Learning Theatre
Skills , Innovation
What if we could rethink the way we teach? And what if we could rethink the physical classroom experience for what it can uniquely deliver through social, collaborative and playful learning - to make learning more enjoyable, to build resilience and create environments that naturally weave in life skills? Though it may seem challenging, the result is a learning experience that delights teachers and students alike, creating a new passion for learning. Hear from LEGO Education about the LEGO Learning System and the Fulham School in London, and how they engage pupils through a progression of skills and knowledge, keeping them engaged and excited about STEAM subjects.
Lacky Kaur, Head of Trade & Market Development - LEGO Education International
Brendan O'Keeffe, Director of Digital Learning - Fulham School
Neill Lunnon, Head - Fulham School

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