Introducing ClassSpaces: The classroom management solution by FileWave


Introducing ClassSpaces: The classroom management solution by FileWave

23 Mar 2022
Tech in Action (North)
Innovation , Futures
This session is for educators who want to bring the future into the classroom. The times of barely tolerating devices in a classroom are a thing of the past. The challenge of the future is to make learning in a digital environment effective and accessible. ClassSpaces not only allows teachers to prepare lesson material, push it to the students' devices and communicate with them, it also enables them to see what the students see and actively close tabs or block specific pages on their devices - thus ensuring they are not surfing social media but actually view course material and pay attention to class. Julian Wohlleber and Irma Tuzlak from the UX team at FileWave will introduce the audience to the teachers' and students' perspectives and options within ClassSpaces. ClassSpaces is compatible with macOS, Windows and ChromeOS, integrated with SIS and designed both for remote and in school learning.
Julian Lucas Wohlleber, Head of UX, Design and Development - FileWave
Hilary Fine, Education Development Director - DK

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