Inspiring and enabling the next generation of innovators


Inspiring and enabling the next generation of innovators

24 Mar 2022
The Arena
Futures , Skills
Teachers play an important role in encouraging out of the box thinking in pupils that will not only help them get more out of school - but get more out of life. Samsung defies barriers to help young people from all backgrounds find their purpose and thrive in tomorrow's world. As part of our commitment to enabling the next generation to harness the benefits of technology, we have developed the Solve for Tomorrow programme that promotes critical and innovative thinking in students from as young as 11 so they can think about how tech can solve some of society's most pressing problems. This session is a chance for teachers to learn about the programme and get involved in one of our design-thinking sprint sessions.
Reuben Christian, Edutainer - Dream Rehab
Joe Walsh, Director of B2B - Samsung UK & Ireland

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