Immersive learning and making


Immersive learning and making

25 Mar 2022
The Arena
Skills , Futures
Immersive content is truly compelling and engaging but is mostly consumed by teachers and pupils. The real transformation is in understanding how immersion works and then creating our own worlds to inhabit and inspire creativity in the classroom. The session will show how pupils have created their own worlds that have in turn inspired their storytelling and broadened the number tools they use to tell them. The session will show how technology is developing and how using full size augmented reality and a creator environment can establish a virtual reality type experience, but in a social learning, cooperative and collaborative way.
Phil Birchinall, Senior Director of Immersive Content - Discovery Education
Dan Birchinall, Head of Immersive Content - Discovery Education
Bob Usher, Content Manager - LGfL ' The National grid for Learning
Simon Pile, Deputy Headteacher - Anson Primary School

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