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Humanities and AI: A new vision for the future

26 Jan 2024
Ahead - Sandbox
Innovation , Higher Education
This presentation will explore ways in which AI can be a useful tool in facilitating students' learning in Humanities. It will explore this from the perspective of learning and teaching literature and languages. In specific the presentation will demonstrate and question the different ways in which students can use AI in order to perform research (investigating titles for their essays, dissertations or research projects); generate essays (about their topics and evaluate in a meaningful way the information provided by AI software); build arguments by evaluating the information provided by AI; create references/bibliographies and explore ancient and modern sources; use the translations provided by AI from English to ancient languages and vice versa; assess the information provided by AI for the grammatical and syntactical analysis of texts. The presentation will also aim to evaluate the strong points and the errors of AI software and it will provide some useful feedback on how AI can become more productive in different educational environments that relate to the students of the Humanities.
Dr Antony Makrinos, Associate Professor in Classics - UCL
Imogen Pollard, Undergraduate Student - UCL
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