Futures Showcase


Futures Showcase

23 Mar 2022
Bett Futures (North)
Futures , Innovation
Hear from: Learning with Parents, Chemix, quester, CanopyLAB, Teuida, Ischool and Educate Online!
Hai Mac, Developer - Chemix
Wojciech Woznicki, Co-Founder - Quester
Kes Daood, Co-Founder - Quester
Tom Harbour, CEO - Learning with Parents
Yossi Baidatz, CEO - cet
Avi Warshavsky, CEO - MindCET
Cecilia Waismann, Vice President, R&D - MindCET
Tal Redler, Head of GESAwards - MindCET
Meghan Jennings, Chief Revenue Officer - CanopyLAB
Ji Woong Jang, CEO - Teuida
Muhammad Gawish, Business Development Manager - Ischool
Courtney Gillan, Head of Global Business Development - Educate Online
Alexander Zheltov, CEO & Founder - Educate Online

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GESAwards and MindCET

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