Futures Showcase


Futures Showcase

23 Mar 2022
Bett Futures (North)
Futures , Innovation
Hear from: Thinkably, imagiLabs, Kaligo, Lighbulbedtech, Robotical and WowPlayExperience!
Dean Horridge, CEO & Co-Founder - Thinkably
Dora Palfi, CEO and Co-Founder - imagiLabs
Yossi Baidatz, CEO - cet
Avi Warshavsky, CEO - MindCET
Cecilia Waismann, Vice President, R&D - MindCET
Tal Redler, Head of GESAwards - MindCET
Sarah Egerton, Marketing Executive - Lightbulbedtech
Ben Henderson-Palmer, Commercial Lead - Robotical
Oriana Circelli, Co-Founder & CEO - WowPlayExperience

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GESAwards and MindCET

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