Five ways Arbor will transform the way you work


Five ways Arbor will transform the way you work

24 Mar 2022
Tech in Action (South)
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Arbor is the fastest growing cloud-based Management Information System (MIS) in the UK for primary schools, secondary schools and MATs. Join Tim Ward, former headteacher turned senior partnership manager, to see five ways in which Arbor will transform the way your school works. Through demos of our MIS, discover how Arbor's intuitive tools are designed for all school staff, so that everyone from your back office through to SLT can focus their time where it matters most. This session will have a particular focus on: Automation of tasks to free staff from busywork; Data analysis that everyone can use; Role specific features and experience; Hassle-free, integrated comms; How support can be tailored towards your school You'll also be able to meet us at our Arbor stand if you'd like to find out more.
Tim Ward, Senior Partnership Manager - Arbor Education

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