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The esports path to pro: From passion to profession

26 Jan 2024
Esports @ Bett
Skills , Innovation
What does the path to pro as an esports player or staff member look like? This talk will include advice for parents, senior leaders in schools and students who want to work in the industry. It'll cover how to access pro teams, get involved and what the next steps might look like. The panel will look to address some of the misconceptions that people have about what pro esports may be and paint the picture of the multitude of roles, time commitment, pressures, performance support, dedication, commitment, rewards and more. It will ultimately cover the importance of education and additional support, which is particularly prevalent given the differing rules around player age in esports, with Rocket League's minimum player age for the RLCS being reduced to 13.
Dominic Sacco, Editor - Esports News UK
Jeff Simpkins, Chief Operating Officer - Resolve
Elliot Bond, Event Manager - GiantX
Kit Brunswick, Head of Player Pathway and Safeguarding - Guild Esports
In collaboration with British Esports
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