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Esports on campus: Unleashing potential in Higher Education

26 Jan 2024
Ahead - Sandbox
Skills , Innovation , Higher Education
If your campus doesn't have an esports offering, you're missing out on an effective way to engage your students. Join Gerald Solomon and others on the Sandbox to learn about the potential for esports to drive student engagement, inclusivity, and wellbeing. Esports is increasingly being recognised as a legitimate pathway into STEM, media, business and design careers ' to name a few. We'll discuss the misconceptions surrounding esports in education and how the activity can offer a platform for students to pursue passion, competition, and excellence, much like traditional sports. Whether you're new to esports or well into your campus' club or course, this session will be crucial to learning about and developing your students' learning pathways.
Tom Dore, Vice President - British Esports Federation
Gerald Solomon, Founder, Executive Director - NASEF
Jack Fenton, Head of Sales and Partnerships - Esports Insider
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