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24-26 January 2024

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23-26 April 2024

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Empowering potential: Transforming the lives of young people with disabilities

26 Jan 2024
The Arena
Innovation , Skills , Diversity & Inclusion
Beginning with an exploration of the challenges faced by young people with disabilities, this session will look at the unique struggles they encounter and the societal limitations that often restrict their potential in education and life, and the role of technology as an enabler of empowerment. The session will look at innovative technologies, such as assistive devices, communication aids, and adaptive software, which have revolutionised the lives of young people with disabilities. Through real-life case studies and personal anecdotes, this session will explore some of the remarkable transformations that are possible, from enhancing communication and augmenting mobility to unlocking educational opportunities and fostering independence. Emphasising the significance of accessibility and inclusivity in the design and development of technology, the session will explore how collaborative efforts between technologists, researchers, and advocates are reshaping the landscape of assistive technology, ensuring that it is both user-centric and responsive to the diverse needs of this community.
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