Do my students have the right computer for teaching and learning?


Do my students have the right computer for teaching and learning?

23 Mar 2022
Tech in Action (South)
Futures , Skills , Innovation
How can technology support a day in a life for a teacher/student? Keep students focused and engaged? Innovative classroom practices through transformative computing experience? What computers do I need to support meaningful learning outcomes? Technology is the gateway to learning. It has never been more essential ? from K to PhD. For many years, Intel has been driving in-depth research and ethnographic studies to re-imagine computers aimed at fostering connectivity, collaboration and providing innovative ways of engaging students. These computers empower both students and you to extend the classroom beyond the school building. The right computer will provide outstanding experiences for learning and working at one's own time and pace and will inspire everyone to pursue one's passions and best-selves. This session will help you ask the spot-on questions to identify suitable Chromebooks or Laptops for your curricula and student achievements.
Petra Langwald, Global Education Marketing Manager for Chrome Devices - Intel
Larry Rother, Global Education Strategist - Intel

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