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Desperately seeking stability: Managing innovation in skills, schools, and suppliers

26 Jan 2024
Global Futures
Over 30 years ago, Sir Michael Barber wrote about how teachers know the need for the system to change but are not alone in finding change deeply unsettling. Add in a more knowledge based approach, greater awareness of wellbeing, an increasingly challenging world, and it might seem that making schools into safe spaces devoid of outside pressures is the best course for young people. But investing in education must surely include developing the skills and attitudes that people need to lead economically and socially fulfilling futures, and learning to manage the innovation that drives all our lives. This session will look at some practical responses to this education dilemma.
Alastair Falk, Education Consultant - Foundation for Education Development
Carla Aerts, Futures of Education Consultant and Thought Leader
David Jaffa, Chief Executive - Jaffa Foundation
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