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Connecting schools with tech companies to equip students for tomorrow's jobs

25 Jan 2024
Tech in Action
Skills , Innovation
Our mission at Stemi is to bring the tech industry into the classroom. Join our showcase to see how we connected teachers and students with the tech industry for a scalable experience, co-creating immersive Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) experiences and bringing students to the highest level of human cognition: creation. With 250+ AI chatbots created, 2500+ robots prepared for the Mars expedition, and 40+ pilot smart gardens planted only last year, we bring a wealth of evidence and tangible data from our global learning community. We at Stemi are relentless in the pursuit of providing your middle school and high school students with memorable classroom moments and employable STEAM skills to prepare them for the jobs of the future, including those that haven't even been though of yet. Are you ready to catch up?
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