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Changing the game: Implementing physical health and wellbeing strategies in your Esports classroom

26 Jan 2024
Esports @ Bett
Wellbeing , Innovation
Did you know you could be using your students' Esports clubs as a catalyst for taking care of their physical health? This session will explore how we can use Esports to encourage students to engage with movement and activity. Our presenters will help us understand the barriers and facilitators to physical activity and how we can overcome them. Join Mark McCready on his research into Esports health behaviours at Strathclyde University and Ryan Scollan from Adamas Esports. Learn about how you can implement health and wellbeing plans into your esports teams, clubs and lessons. Now, more than ever, it is important to understand the health implications of Esports and how we can encourage better lifestyle choices. With Esports on the rise, we need to be listening to the experts on how we can harness Esports to motivate players and educate them on the importance of their physical health.
Mark McCready, Lecturer and Post-Graduate Researcher - New College Lanarkshire
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