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Building with AI in education: How to make your own AI apps using large language models

24 Jan 2024
Ahead - Sandbox
Innovation , Higher Education
Chatbots are not the only way we can use Large Language Models to help us. There are now many possibilities for educators to create useful tools for themselves and their students. Even for those who do not want to build their own tools, it is useful to develop some understanding how these tools are made. This session will break down the anatomy of an AI-based tool and explain how they are different from a chatbot, what role large language models play in how these apps work and what else their makers need to take into account. The session will then demonstrate three ways of making an AI app with or without code that anyone can try: Using GPTs in ChatGPT; Using the APIs keys and low-code automation tools like Zapier; Using the large language models APIs with open source frameworks like LangChain or Llamaindex. Following this session, please feel free to remain in the Sandbox area to meet up with other attendees interested in building with AI.
Dominik Lukes, Assistive Technology Officer - Centre for Teaching and Learning, University of Oxford
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