Bett UK

22-24 January 2025

Bett Brasil

23-26 April 2024

Bett Asia

4-5 October 2023

Bett 2024 Agenda


Bett Futures exhibitor showcase

24 Jan 2024
Global Futures
This fast-paced energetic showcase features up to 11 entrepreneurs introducing their products.
Beth Havinga, Managing Director - European Edtech Alliance
James Lambert, Co-Founder - Vision Marker
Bang Lee, Co-Founder & CEO - sam corporation
Minashe Selvam, Co-founder and CEO - CANTOO
Anita MacDonald, CEO Meteor EdTech - Meteor EdTech
Sarah McGuire, Director/ Co-Founder - MyWordPal
Parker Lynch, CEO - Hedgehog Health
Ali Nemati, Director - Software Academy
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