Bett UK

22-24 January 2025

Bett Brasil

28 April - 1 May 2025

Bett Asia

4-5 October 2023

Bett 2024 Agenda


Bett Futures exhibitor showcase

25 Jan 2024
Global Futures
This fast-paced energetic showcase of entrepreneurs will feature start-up companies each giving 5 minute presentations with 3 mins feedback.
Al Kingsley, Chair - Hampton Academies Trust
Christian Knapp, Managing Director - Causa Creations
Bernard Caffe, Founder and CEO - Jovens Gênios
Adam Webster, CTO - Sphinx AI
William E. Ottowitz Ill, MD, CEO - Innovations in Medical Education, Inc.
Sushrut Arora, Founder & Owner - Habit Atlas
Giota Kalogirou, Director - Touchable Earth Foundation
Yerden Bulanbayev, Head of Engineering - EduCon
Atkin Yaliz, CEO of Keypoint Solutions - EduCon
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