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22-24 January 2025

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AI changes everything!

24 Jan 2024
Ahead - Auditorium
Innovation , Higher Education
AI is not just another technology, it may be the most important technology our species has ever seen. It will have a profound impact on learning, and therefore Higher Education. Teaching and learning will be profoundly changed. AI is already creating new learning modes and models, with its greatest promise is the potential to personalise learning pathways. As the technology progresses, there will be new opportunities to augment and fundamentally transform teaching and learning in dialogue with and enabled through AI. This fireside chat will cover real-life examples already accelerating learning and improving outcomes for students in higher education: from learning engagement, powerful learning support on large courses, real teaching assistant support, avatars and generated content, along with novel pedagogic techniques.
Donald Clark, PlanB Learning - CEO
Carla Aerts, Futures of Education Consultant and Thought Leader
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