4 ways to boost your Google Classroom with BookWidgets


4 ways to boost your Google Classroom with BookWidgets

24 Mar 2022
Tech in Action (South)
Skills , Innovation
Learn how you can boost your Google Classroom with BookWidgets. BookWidgets is a content creation and evaluation tool for teachers that fits right inside Google Classroom, elevating it to a higher level. In this tech in action session you'll learn how to: 1/ Assign interactive and engaging activities to students, motivating them even more during your lessons. 2/ Create an auto-graded assignment and choose from over 35 interactive question types. 3/ Follow student progress in real-time when they are working on an assignment. This makes it even easier to follow-up on their work and differentiate your lessons. 4/ Give constructive feedback on student work and choose what kind of feedback you send back to students. With or without grades, correction, comments' All within your Google Classroom.
Lucie Renard, BookWidgets - Interactive Learning Expert

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