Acer Esports in Education

Acer Esports in Education

As one of the top and award winning hardware manufacturer in PC industry, Acer is not just offering a full line-up of Esports devices and accessories but also a dedicated platform to support the Esports learners.  Come and join us to boost the Esports learning experience and performance in your school!


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Level Up Your Classroom

Get your students in the game and shape tomorrow’s leaders with the materials we have prepared for you and your class.

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Learn Together, Play Smarter

We understand what the Esports learners need: a place to gather, lots of practice, team building, performance review and personal coaching. That is why we build up the ultimate Esports platform – the PLANET9, where the Esports learners can find everything they ever need in one place. 

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Designed for Esports, Designed for Excellence

We understand how the Esports learners always aim and strive for the best performance, so we pull together every leading technology in our devices to support their dreams and also protect them from the injuries in the best way.  With Acer, the Esports learners can play smarter, stronger, and of course, better then before.

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