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Bringing Esports to Bett

In March 2022, the UK’s largest education technology show, Bett, welcomed the world of esports to its events for the first time. With more than 70% of schools considering an esports programme, and with the expectation that the global esports market will triple by 2025, Bett is proud to support such a fast growing and innovative industry. Esports @ Bett was an all-new feature on the show floor; an area to celebrate esports in education and exhibit some of the opportunities it can provide to young people.

For those you’re looking for an introduction to esports, considering setting up a program in their own school or even simply seeking a deeper understanding around the skills and career pathways it can develop,  Esports @ Bett 2022, was the place to find:

  • Exclusive dedicated content for educators to learn from schools already on their esports journey 
  • Hands-on areas for showcasing and experiencing esports tech for yourself
  • Live esports tournaments every afternoon, with schools and students from across the UK

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What are the benefits of esports in education?

  • Meet students where they are
  • Engage with a wide demographic of students
  • Develop future ready skills such as leadership, communication and problem solving
  • Transferrable skills and career paths

What happened at Bett 2022?

This exciting new feature launched for the first time in 2022 in the South Hall. Esports @ Bett was the home of all things esports with three pillars of unmissable activity.



- 4-6 teams from different UK schools meeting every day to compete in a Rocket League tournament.

- Trophies and prizes awarded to the winning teams, sponsored by our technology partner Acer/Planet9, Lenovo and Republic of Gamers.

- Live professional commentary.

- Unique tournament giveaways.

New to Esports?

The common misconceptions around esports tend to stem from the belief that gaming is a distraction from, and even a hinderance to, education, though this is not strictly true. Parents and teachers alike will inevitably want to explore what’s best for both the current and future generations of students, so, with the popularity and knowledge around the industry growing, now is a great time to find out more. If you’re new to esports, please use the below resources to help get a better understanding of this fast-growing sector.

Esports in education

BTEC Qualifications

BTEC Qualifications

 Everything you need to know about the first esports qualification of its kind in the world for 16-18 year olds. What is it like to study and teach? How can it help unlock career pathways? And what do people think of it so far?

Learn more

Inclusion for all

Inclusion for all

 The esports industry has become more inclusive over the years, and still works to expand even further. Here we explore the major development the industry has seen in the inclusion of individuals with disabilities, and how they have been able to become more involved in esports.

Find out more

Educational benefits

Educational benefits

Hear from teachers around the world who are already running esports programmes in their schools.


Watch here

Harnessing the power of esports in the classroom

The esports industry is opening up new and exciting possibilities for future employment.

In response to its popularity in the education sector, Bett is joined by Pearson Education and the British Esports Association, who, in conjunction with each other, have recently launched a new Esports BTEC qualification. They discuss with industry leaders from around the world the ways in which esports can be positioned in education to ensure a successfully-prepared future workforce.

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