K12 and Further Education Tech Institution Leader Profile

K12 and Further Education Tech Institution Leader Profile

Who am I? 

Ed Digit 
Digital Learning Lead 
Spark Secondary School, UK 

I’m the lead authority in my school for all digital teaching and learning needs and I am an active member of the senior leadership team. I have a sole or joint responsibility on purchasing and making decisions for teaching and learning tech products. I’m part of the decisional power or influential in the digital strategy for my school. 

Who are my fellow IT leaders? 

ICT Director, ICT Manager, Head of IT, Head of Digital Strategy, Head of Computing, Computing Subject Lead, Digital Innovation Lead, Director of Digital Learning, IT Coordinator 

What are my current challenges?

  • Convincing my senior leadership team to make purchases or dedicate budget to technology
  • Finding technology that is suitable for all staff skill levels
  • Bridging the student digital divide
  • Engaging teaching staff with my school’s digital strategy
  • Working with restricted budgets and resources

How does Bett help me overcome my challenges?

  • By helping me build a wider network of those in similar roles in order to enable peer-to-peer learning outside the show and conduct research for senior decision makers in my institution
  • By keeping me up to date on the latest thinking on pedagogy, EdTech and education policy nationally and internationally
  • By giving me a chance to review new products and features from suppliers, assessing their suitability for my institution’s EdTech provision within the constraints of existing budgets 

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What’s for me at Bett 2023?

  • A buzzing exhibition providing opportunities to connect with solutions providers to determine ways in which I can address my specific institution’s teaching and learning and IT needs
  • Connect @ Bett – the largest edtech meetings programme that helps the Bett community connect and collaborate via individual and group meetings
  • A curated content programme showcasing in-depth workshops, practical case studies and thought leadership on policy, digital strategy and whole school management and transformation
  • A range of networking spaces to connect me with the wider sector, identifying touchpoints for collaboration and joint procurement


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How Bett is relevant all year long?

Throughout the year, Bett offers a series of regular webinars and CPD-certified tutorials led by inspiring education experts and in collaboration with world-class EdTech partners. The new Global Community Hub is also the perfect place to find articles written by education leaders, recommended industry events and so much more! 

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